Wednesday, January 1, 2020

A critical analysis of the sonnet by Sir Thomas Wyatt...

The Renaissance period brought a revival to all forms of the arts, including that of literature. Poetry became a way for writers to display their skill with language as they artistically sculpted the words and lines of their poems. Poetry at this time followed strict forms that gave the structure within which the poet can operate. One such form that became very popular throughout the Renaissance period was the sonnet. This form was very widely used, and two poets who became popular partially for their sonnets are Sir Thomas Wyatt, and Samuel Daniel. Thomas Wyatt was one of the first from England to use the sonnet form. Because of this his sonnets follow the form that was first developed in Italy by the poet Petrarch. Wyatts fourteenth†¦show more content†¦In the second half of the octet Wyatt furthers the metaphor of the ship, as well as builds up the danger and torture of his position. He states that every oar, a thought in readiness. This image produces the idea that his thoughts are coming steadily and readily with the repetitive, constant motion of the oars. Also, as the tone built up to this point is one of agitation and affliction, it can be seen that the oars or the thoughts controlling the direction of the ship (mind) are taking him deeper into these emotions. The next line first brings in the idea of death which helps to add tension to the poem, especially as death is emphasized through the alliteration of the /th/ sound in the phrase As though that death. In this line death is described as being light in this case. This could either connote that death were light as in it is a light matter, not something of big importance, or it could imply the meaning of light as it is used as the opposite of darkness where darkness is used as something bad, and light as something good. The idea of light verses darkness was very popular during this period, and was utilized in all manners of artistic endeavors. In this section of the poem, it is the endless wind found in the ensuing line that is treating death as light in this case as it tears his sail apart. The reference to endless shows just how there is no reprieve from his situation, and by the sail being torn it makes it almost impossible for him to make any

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