Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Removalist Speech free essay sample

Today I will be talking about how is the concept of experience through language explored in David Williamsons play The Removalist through the key issues and ideas in the Removalist. The Removalists is a play written by Australian play writer David Williamson in 1971. The main issues the play addresses are violence and the abuse of power and authority. The story is supposed to be a microcosm of 1970s Australian society. I will be talking about how the issues of abuse of authority and power are experienced through language and the idea that Australian society were letting this go by taking a passive approach with the law enforcement in Australia The Issue of abuse of authority and power in the Removalist is established in the opening scene of the play where the new recruit (Ross) sent to Sergeant Simmonds station after finishing police training. he is depicted as naive and inexperienced despite being from an educated background. We will write a custom essay sample on Removalist Speech or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page While Sergeant Simmons is depicted through hes comments in the play as sexist and chauvinistic. Simmons establishes his authority by continually patronising Ross. Simmonds repeatedly questions Ross at the beginning of the play to find a weakness. He finds a weak spot in Ross By Asking Whats your old man do for a crust and when he sees Ross hesitate to answer Simmonds sees his opportunity to make Ross uncomfortable and patronise him. This Scene is very good at showing how experience through language is explored in the way that Simmonds Abuses hes Authority and power to make Ross feel inferior and give him a Superior position over Ross. He idea that the actually upholder of the law would abuse hes power and authority to take advantage of people was the issue that Williamson explores in the play and Through Simmons Williamson show us that the authority conferred upon society can be exploitive and violent. A key idea explored in The Removalists is that of the Australian Society not wanting to get involved in something that would put them in danger or in trouble this is represented in the play through a character called the Removalist who is in a sense the everyday man not wanting to get involved in something thats not there or hes business. In one scene you see a man who has been beaten by the Ross and Simmonds and he ask the removalist for help to call the police the Removalist Responds with I mind me own business if other people mind theirs, and thats the way I play the game. get me? this is symbolic to how this was a norm of society in how no one wanted to get involved with something that would put them at a disadvantage in their life or get them in trouble. The concept of experience through change is explored in the removalist by David Williamson through how he deals and shows the issues and key ideas presented in the play.

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